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At Southeastern, we are deeply committed to making higher education accessible and achievable to as many people as possible through a growing number of ways, including advanced technologies such as the Internet and other non-traditional delivery methods. We hope that as you learn more about Southeastern Community College, you will allow us the privilege to serve your educational needs in whatever way possible.   

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Available courses

SCC Employee Safety Training

MLT Summer Prep 2014

Moodle Fitness Training was created to have online training for the fitness center staff

Phi Theta Kappa Organizational Site

Creative Writing Club

Phi Theta Kappa Organizational Site

2012FA-PHY-251-IN7 / G. Ruby

2014SU CIS 110 import test

Using this course as a way to test imports to see if the procedure times out

2014SP Grade-Book-Training / G. Cable

2014SP Grade-Book-Training / G. Cable

IVS110IX0 Intro to Invasive Species Fall 2011 / RWestbrooks

IVS260IX0 - State Pesticide License Exam Preparation.  
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IVS-220-IX1 Invasive Plant Survey Methods / Randy Westbrooks
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This is the shell for any new courses created

This is the shell for any new courses created

This is the shell for any new courses created

This is the shell for any new courses created

Technical Programs  Division Fall 2015 Angela Ransom

HUM 115 Course Shell Spring 2014/J. Stanton

Hutcherson Division- Communications

Moodle 101 was created to help new students to understand how Moodle and its resources work

OST080RA1 Keyboarding Literacy Fall 2013 /A. Phillips

Moodle Instructor Training 2015

2015SP-BTC-286-IN1 Immunological Techniques /D. Williamson

2015SP-PBT-101-A07 Phlebotomy Practicum /T. Bellamy
2015SP-PBT-100-A08B Phlebotomy Technology /T. Bellamy
2015SP-PBT-100-A08A Phlebotomy Technology /T. Bellamy
2015SP-PED-110-R06 Fit and Well for Life /R. Johnson
2015SP-POL-120-A09 American Government /J. Stanton
2015SP-ENG-111-A08 Writing and Inquiry /A. Parker
2015SP-FWL-142-IN1 Wildlife Management /S. Davenport

2015CE1-MED-I3030C1-1C1 Hlthcr Billing & Coding-CPT /D. Hammonds

2015SU-ART-111-I1 Art Appreciation /C. Ringrose
2015SU-BIO-271-I1 Pathophysiology /D. Williamson
2015SU-BIO-169-I1 Anatomy and Physiology II /B. Parnell
2015SU-BIO-169-A25 Anatomy and Physiology II /S. Blackmon
2015SU-BIO-163-A08 Basic Anat & Physiology /S. Mills
2015SU-BIO-112-I25 General Biology II /J. Hutcherson
2015SU-BIO-111-R25 General Biology I /C. Saunders
2015SU-DMS-002-Y06 Developmental Math Shell 2 /D. Ransom
2015SU-DMS-002-R9K Developmental Math Shell 2 /R. Cance
2015SU-DMS-002-R6C Developmental Math Shell 2 /C. Spivey
2015SU-DMS-001-Y06 Developmental Math Shell 1 /D. Ransom
2015SU-DMS-001-R8K Developmental Math Shell 1 /R. Cance
2015SU-DMS-001-R4C Developmental Math Shell 1 /C. Spivey
2015SU-HIS-131-I1 American History I /R. Raby
2015SU-HIS-111-I1 World Civilizations I /R. Raby
2015SU-HUM-115-I55 Critical Thinking /J. Stanton
2015SU-HUM-115-A01 Critical Thinking /J. Cully
2015SU-MAT-172-I1 Precalculus Trigonometry /K. Hester
2015SU-MAT-171-R55 Precalculus Algebra /M. Cance
2015SU-MAT-171-I1 Precalculus Algebra /K. Hester
2015SU-MAT-152-Y55 Statistical Methods I /J. Bullard
2015SU-MAT-143-R25 Quantitative Literacy /M. Cance
2015SU-MAT-143-I1 Quantitative Literacy /M. Revels
2015SU-MAT-110-A08 Math Measurement & Literacy /J. Bullard
2015SU-MED-121-A03 Medical Terminology I /C. Lennon
2015SU-MLT-215-I1 Professional Issues /D. Williamson
2015SU-MUS-222-Y01 Music Theory IV /R. Ott
2015SU-MUS-110-I55 Music Appreciation /M. Chesanow

2015SU-NUR-102AB-A08 Practical Nursing II /D. Cutrell

2015SU-NUR-114-A08 Holistic Health Concepts /S. Auten
2015SU-NUR-113-E05 Family Health Concepts /J. Horne
2015SU-NUR-117-A09 Pharmacology /C. Cook
2015SU-PHI-240-I55 Introduction to Ethics /G. Chattin
2015SU-PHI-215-I55 Philosophical Issues /G. Chattin

2015SU-PED-110-I1 Fit and Well for Life /K. Stephens

2015SU-POL-120-I55 American Government /J. Stanton
2015SU-PSY-241-I1 Developmental Psych /T. Rabon
2015SU-PSY-150-I55A General Psychology /M. Prevatte
2015SU-PSY-150-I55 General Psychology /B. Tyler
2015SU-PSY-150-A01 General Psychology /T. Rabon
2015SU-REL-110-I55 World Religions /T. Johnson
2015SU-SOC-210-I55 Introduction to Sociology /Q. McDowell
2015SU-ACA-122-I1 College Transfer Success /D. Roberts
2015SU-ACA-115-R55A Success & Study Skills /J. Cully
2015SU-ACA-115-I55 Success & Study Skills /B. Gray
2015SU-BPR-130-A08 Print Reading-Construction /D. Hester
2015SU-BPT-111-I1 Broadcast Law & Ethics /S. Heller

2015SU-BUS-121-I1 Business Math /A. Ransom

2015SU-BUS-110-I55 Introduction to Business /A. Ransom
2015SU-COM-231-I55 Public Speaking /H. Noll
2015SU-COM-231-I25 Public Speaking /H. Noll
2015SU-COM-120-I1 Intro Interpersonal Com /H. Noll
2015SU-CTS-130-Y10 Spreadsheet /S. Harris
2015SU-CTS-115-I1 Info Sys Business Concepts /L. Bryan
2015SU-DRE-098-A25 Integrated Reading Writing III /K. Cartrette
2015SU-ECO-251-I55 Prin of Microeconomics /C. Ivey
2015SU-EDU-280-I55 Language & Literacy Exp /N. Fowler
2015SU-EDU-262-I25 Early Childhood Admin II /E. Cook
2015SU-EDU-259-I55 Curriculum Planning /N. Fowler
2015SU-EDU-119-I1 Intro to Early Child Educ /N. Fowler
2015SU-ENG-231-I55 American Literature I /A. Richardson
2015SU-ENG-112-R25 Writing/Research in the Disc /E. Sellers

2015SU-ENG-112-I55 Writing/Research in the Disc /T. Marshall

2015SU-ENG-111-R25 Writing and Inquiry /E. Sellers
2015SU-ENG-111-I55 Writing and Inquiry /T. Marshall
2015SU-ENG-111-A10 Writing and Inquiry /E. Sellers
2015SU-GEO-111-I1 World Regional Geography /J. Robards
2015SU-ISC-112-I1 Industrial Safety /D. Hester
2015SU-CIS-110-I55 Introduction to Computers /C. Porter
2015SU-CIS-110-I1 Introduction to Computers /C. Porter
2015SU-CIS-110-E05 Introduction to Computers /E. Prout
2015SU-IVS-221-I1 Inv Plant Control Methods /R. Westbrooks
2015SU-IVS-211-I1 Inv Species Mgmt Programs /R. Westbrooks
2015SU-NOS-110-I55 Operating Systems Concepts /E. Prout
2015SU-NET-125-Y55 Networking Basics /E. Prout
2015SU-PHY-151-A10 College Physics I /T. Haque
2015SU-DFT-151-A01 CAD I /M. Harvey
2015CE2-NUR-I3240NA-1NA Nurse Aide Level I (hybrid) /B. Hardie

WEB110 Master 6/24/15

NOS 230 Master 6/24/15

CSC 139 Master 6/24/15

EDU 262 Master 4 Wk Cook

PSY 150 Master B. Tyler